From the team that brought you Gunhouse, Hyper Gunsport is an arcade action game about shooting a ball into a goal. It's cyberpunk volleyball with futuristic guns!

At its core, Hyper Gunsport is a cooperatively competitive action game where the object is to shoot the ball into goals of varying difficulty, while the opposing team tries to do the same. Each time the ball crosses the net its point value goes up, so longer volleys mean bigger points and higher stakes.

A team is composed of two positions, a keeper and a striker. The keeper is stationary with the ability to fire more frequently, with a wider aiming range and shot radius — they're the player's last line of defense. The striker can play aggressively, with full court mobility and the ability to jump, with a longer cooldown and subsequently fewer shots — precision is the key to make those shots count. Will you burn shots and get aggressive, or coordinate an ironclad defense instead? The game encourages teamwork, commuincation, and competition in equal measures.

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