Kokopa's Atlas
Adventure  |  Aesthetician Labs

Discover new beginnings after crash-landing on an undiscovered planet. Join Kokopa and Pollimero as they explore, build, garden, and meet new friends — while uncovering the mysteries of this unknown planet!

Embark on a grand journey to a fantastical, unknown planet in this procedurally generated farm & crafting adventure! In Kokopa’s Atlas, you’ll be hopping into the boots of the brave (but clumsy) Kokopa - a wannabe galactic hero - just as his ship crash lands on a strange, undocumented world. 

Join Kokopa on his journey to explore and make a new life for himself on this new, uncharted planet. As you plot, design, build and farm on this fertile world, you'll also have to watch out for the dangers that come with being an intergalactic traveler! Can you keep your new home safe from cosmic pirates, the local wildlife, and the dangerous mysteries the wilderness holds?

Dynamic NPCs
When you happen upon a new settlement, NPCs will be tending to their day-to-day duties — or maybe slacking off! Creatures in the wilderness will also interact with their environment and towards each other — watch out for the aggressive ones!

Create Your Own Adventure
What do you want to do today? While there is much adventuring to be done, it’s ok to spend time relaxing at your homestead. And once you’ve regrouped, there is plenty of other work to be done! Perhaps you can craft some new tools, tend to your garden, help a villager, or test your mettle in the wilds!

Meet Pollimero!
A faithful biodroid assistant, Pollimero (model PLM-079SY) is skilled in all things exploration. (“More than an advanced vacuum cleaner!”, reads the maintenance hatch.) Pollimero's most versatile tool is the Scan-o-tron, a highly advanced module existing at the forefront of modern science. When activated by Kokopa, it emits a powerful shortwave radar throughout the surrounding environment, highlighting resources, terrain oddities, enemies, and more.

Tiptop Tents
Find a nice area you’d like to settle down in? Toss your ‘PortaPop Homes’ series capsule on the ground and, voila!, you’ve got a comfy Tiptop Tent ready to go! PortaPop, brought to you by the fine folks at Halcos Interstellar Holdings!

Gear Up!
Gloves, helmets, pants, suits, and boots — you name it! Outfit Kokopa with some of the most fashionable gear on the planet, and increase your damage resistance to boot! Maybe you can find something for your little fashion-plate friend Pollimero as well.

There are a variety of berries, plants, & fruit trees you can cultivate and harvest for food to bring along on your adventures, defend yourself from enemies, assist with terraforming, and even decorate your domicile as you see fit! Chop a tree down? It’s gone now and forever — plan accordingly! Plant a seed for an aromatic flower? It’ll be there when you return . . . and maybe some creatures that enjoy the flower’s scent! Grow an expansive garden, harvest and collect a multitude of resources, build and upgrade your tools, and more!

Kokopa's Atlas: A World of Your Own to Shape & Explore!


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English, Spanish, TBD


English, Spanish, TBD