Hitcents is a full-service video game publisher and developer. That’s not where we started, though, and our journey to this point is part of what makes us such a unique company.

We founded Hitcents in 1999 as an early internet advertising company. We worked with businesses to create and implement banner ads on websites. It was solid, profitable work, but we ultimately decided to head off in another direction hoping to find our true passion and niche.

In 2011, one of Hitcents’ employees came up with a fun idea for a simple interactive web app where players could draw their protagonists. Thus was born Draw a Stickman, a concept that exploded in popularity and gave us the push we needed to create our first full, internally-developed game: Draw a Stickman: EPIC.

From there, our passion for games took over, and we left behind the world of advertising entirely. In addition to building up the Draw a Stickman franchise, we’ve been working on tons of new ideas. From the Rogue-like Metroidvania adventure, A Robot Named Fight! to the dystopic platforming in Ministry of Broadcast, or the heart-pounding action in GTTOD ‘Get To The Orange Door,’ Hitcents offers a little something for everyone. Our games feature across all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and PC.

As both a developer of our games and a publisher working with other small independent teams, our primary goal is to bring the highest quality indie titles to the market. We know from experience how much work it is to create a new game, and that’s why we offer support to indie studios from the initial concept phase through to their full launch.

We want developers to focus on developing their games and let us handle all the rest; which includes: Marketing & Branding Strategy, PR Campaigns, Social Media, Multi-media Outreach, Consulting, Design Analysis, and furnishing Development Grants. Whether you have a playable demo, a near-complete build, or just a handful of notes, we can help you get your game across the finish line.

Above all else, Hitcents is a group of people who love and care about video games. If your team is the same and needs a boost of support, get in touch. We are always looking to expand our list of talented partners and further our goal of getting the best games out into the world.

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People need to know about your game, and there are a million different ways to tell them. Rather than screaming into a hurricane, a more measured and strategic approach will yield better results. It's super effective!

Social Media/Community Management

Players gather all over the place, so we'll help keep them organized and up-to-date. Each community is important, so we'll work with you to funnel out all the vital information players want to know. Plus the funny, broken stuff that happens along the way.

PR/Media Outreach

Press releases, building relationships, and beyond – we'll get the right people writing, talking, and creating. Each game is unique, so it's critical to provide the appropriate info for those who are interested.

Consulting/Design Analysis

We're happy to evaluate all aspects of the game throughout development, or even work strictly as a consultant. It's our belief that knowledge exists to be shared, and together we can make the best game possible.

Development Grants

Sometimes it takes a little extra financial push to get where you're going. Along with all the development info you're providing, were happy to review grant requests and determine how we can help.

QA Services

Our community-driven Beta Tester team consists of a wide array of skills, backgrounds, and experience. Testing our games and providing valuable feedback is serious business for them. No joke.