Forgotton Anne
Cinematic Adventure  |  ThroughLine Games

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Forgotton Anne immerses players into the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the Forgotten Lands, a magical realm where all things lost and forgotten go. Play as Anne, the Enforcer tasked with keeping order among the Forgotlings—creatures formed from all these mislaid things. At the behest of Master Bonku, Anne sets out to quell a Forgotling rebellion that threatens the only chance her and Bonku might ever have at returning to the human world. As Anne delves ever deeper into this emotionally riveting quest, she quickly discovers that there is always another side to the story.  

Gameplay revolves around an intricate and detailed narrative, and features well-integrated puzzle-platforming elements that utilize Anne’s magical Arca and mechanical wings to navigate the steampunk-inspired environments of the Forgotten Lands. The Arca, a gauntlet inlaid with a mysterious crystal, gives Anne the ability to store, instill, and distill Anima—the arcane energy that powers the Forgotten Lands and infuses the Forgotlings with life. This mighty tool gives Anne the ultimate power over the Forgotlings and many choices await players as to how that power is to be wielded. The weight heavy on her shoulders, Anne’s decisions will impact not only the fates of the Forgotlings themselves, but also the ultimate outcome of this surprisingly-profound story. Paired with elaborately painted environments and animations, players will truly feel as if they’re playing an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure anime.


  • Impactful decision-making: player action and dialogue choices affect gameplay throughout as well as deciding which of the unique endings the player will achieve.
  • The Arca: a unique crystal that Anne can use to manipulate the flow of Anima (the magical energy of the Forgotten Lands). It grants the user the ability to instill and distill Anima in the environment or even within the Forgotlings themselves.
  • The wings: a mechanical item that allows Anne to jump higher and farther as well as prevent fall damage as long as she has Anima stored. 
  • Platforming and puzzle-solving: using the Arca and your wings in additional to casual platforming staples, such as running, jumping and climbing, advance to new areas by manipulating the Anima around you to solve puzzles.
  • Anime-style art: the two dimensional, paint-styled animation and environment creates a unique cinematic experience, as if the player is playing an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure anime.
  • Professional music scores: features music scores by Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, which marks the first time orchestral music has ever been recorded in Denmark for a videogame, as well as numbers by ThroughLine's in-house composer, Peter Due.
  • iOS bonus content: Cloud Saving and a new menu with unlockable never-before-seen concept art. Players will complete achievements to access the 30+ pieces. The hidden list of achievements becomes visible once players complete the game once, or singularly as players complete an achievement.

AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS (for a complete list click here):

  • "Game of the Year" winner at Danish National Game Awards 2019
  • "Game of the Year" nominee Nordic Game Awards 2019
  • "Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition" nominee D.I.C.E. Awards 2019
  • "Excellence in Visual Art" nominee Independent Game Festival 2019
  • "Best Storytelling" nominee Golden Joysticks 2018
  • “Best Story/Storytelling” and “Best Casual Game” nominee Game Connection Europe 2018
  • "Game of the Year" and "Indie Game of the Year" nominee Coaching for Geeks Awards 2018
  • “Best Adventure - Finalist” DreamHack Atlanta 2018
  • “Finalist” IndieCade 2018
  • “Excellence in Sound Design” and “Best of International Games” nominee Bitsummit 2018


ThroughLine Games, a Danish independent games studio focusing on developing story-driven games with high artistic ambitions, was founded in 2014 by CEO & Creative Director Alfred Nguyen and Technical Director Michael Godlowski-Maryniak. The duo derived their studio name from the narrative concept of a through-line—the central idea that runs from the beginning to the end of a story. Forgotton Anne is the team’s first big project as a collaboration. 


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