The Great EGG-Scape

YOLKED is a kinetic, physics-based rage simulator romp where you control an anthropomorphic egg as you parkour yourself from one obstacle to the next! Climb, mantle, & swing past hazards & dangers as fellow eggs cheer you on!

YOLKED offers a wholesome take on physics driven platforming, with a momentum based movement system that allows players to maneuver around a variety of rage inducing environments.

The player controls each arm independently, grasping and swinging through kitchens and gardens with gameplay reminiscent of legendary challenges like Getting Over It and I Am Bread.

Explore the richly detailed environments and uncover the mysterious plot, while finding secrets and swag behind every excruciating obstacle. Yolked is the next evolution of momentum mayhem gaming.


Egg Origins: How did you come to be, and why must you escape? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you advance and uncover a mysterious plot.

Momentum Based Movement: An innovative control system allows you to grasp and swing with each arm as you fling and flip through challenging courses.

Detailed Environments: Maneuver through four distinct environments, each with its own visual style and unique hazards.

Progressive Challenges: Get battered by streaming condiments, smashed with spatulas and hunted by cyborg spider-eggs! Just as you think you’ve mastered the game, another fiendish obstacle scrambles your chance of success.

Collectibles and secrets: Search the environments to discover secret plot points and collect dozens of skins to customize your egg.

Leaderboards: Compete with speedrunners to reach the top as you egg on the competition with daily updated leaderboards.

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