Get to the Orange Door
Parkour FPS  |  Arcade Coin

Cast in the vivid neon and chrome retro-futuristic aesthetic of the 80’s, Get to the Orange Door is an adrenaline-pumping rogue-lite FPS boasting some pretty gnarly parkour abilities. Inspired both by modern shooters like Titanfall 2 and the Halo franchise as well as classics like the original DOOM, GTTOD embraces the healthy marriage of solid FPS mechanics and freedom of movement. Wall run, slide, and dash your way fluidly across obstacles, using jump pads, boosters, and equipped items to reach mach speeds. And that’s just half the fun. As you freerun around the lambently lit levels, use a diverse arsenal of weaponry to mow down baddies. Keep an eye out for vending machines and crates to score even more guns, gear, and goodies. But never forget your main quest, the objective is in the title: Get to the Orange Door.


  • Parkour physics: wall run, dash, slide, and clamber, using the environment as your playground. Build up speed and reach new heights while utilizing jump pads, boosters, and special equipment to get where you want to go in style.
  • FPS: advanced FPS mechanics with a whole slew of weaponry to play with.
  • Unique weapons: there are over 20 different, customized weapons to find, most with alternate fire modes. This includes a sword that can deflect bullets, two full-auto machine pistols that fire heat-seeking rounds, and more.
  • Rogue-lite: rocking a few RNG elements to keep each run fresh, levels are generated from a set of pieces that are unique to each level with loot randomly scattered throughout.
  • Burn Cards: starter cards that unlock as players complete playthroughs and allows players to choose starting weapons, equipment, and game modifiers. This makes each playthrough unique. Some Burn Cards introduce new game modes such as:
    • Speedrun Mode: standard levels, but enemy spawning is off and a timer implemented for.
    • Ninja Mode: players only get a sword, with no other weapons spawning in levels. 
  • Quickplay: boot up a random level with random equipment.
  • D-Mod: a level editor with workshop support.
  • Vending machines and crates: use these bad boys to find random weapons and gear in-level.
  • Retro-futuristic aesthetic: the neon and chrome artstyle of GTTOD is vivid and beautiful. Who doesn’t want to blast bad guys into a million brilliant bits?
  • A rad soundtrack: good bops for blams.


Arcade Coin, a studio owned and operated by independent game developer Andrew Smith, is located in the midwestern United States. Inspired by an avid love of all things FPS, Andrew began creating games fresh out of high school, dedicating his time to imbuing advanced FPS mechanics with Arcade-styled neo-retro flavor. Having already garnered a solid Discord following under his studio name, Andrew’s work on GTTOD, his first big game, is being met with nothing but enthusiasm by his active, verbal fanbase.


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