A Robot Named Fight
Metroidvania  |  Matt Bitner Games

In A Robot Named Fight! you will explore a different, procedurally-generated, labyrinth every time you play. You'll discover randomized power ups that allow you to traverse obstacles and discover new areas beneath the surface of a meat infested robot city. As you delve deeper you’ll discover a rich narrative conveyed through gameplay and environmental hints. Be careful though, death is forever in this roguelike metroidvania.

You will also explode a whole lot of meat beasts with your blaster arm.


  • Over 4 billion unique runs
  • Roguelike Permadeath
  • New item order and intended route every playthrough
  • 100+ items
  • 70+ unique enemies
  • Achievements that unlock new content
  • Local Co-Op
  • Seeded Runs
  • An unreasonable amount of meat!


“Matt Bitner’s passion project is one of the finest Metroidvanias on PC and something that any action-platformer fan will enjoy - 4.5/5” -- Hardcore Gamer

“A Robot Named Fight is a fantastic little game that suprised me with the ability to retain the identity of both the roguelite and the metroidvania.” -- ingeniousclown Gaming

“Aside from just being fun to run around in, A Robot Named Fight! is honestly a monumental achievement, as it was developed by a single person!” -- Studio MDHR via Giant Bomb


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