President Chris Mills Speaking at CGDC

July 15, 2013

Hitcents President Chris Mills will be presenting at the 6th annual China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) on July 28, 2013. The presentation "Designing for a Global Market- A Glance into the world of Game Development" will focus on the game development process, game design, level layouts, computer AI and programming.

Chris Mills comments on being invited to speak at the conference. "It's a great opportunity to get our name out there with the Asia gaming community since our office has recently opened in Shanghai, and we'll be doing business there."

Technical experts, both foreign and domestic, travel from all across the globe to make speeches in areas of game development. Discussions will focus on sharing experience, planning and application of new technology.

"We have a lot of offer in the area of in-house processes of game development. We do everything from creation to production and launch all in one place. It makes the process smooth and much less stressful. We are thrilled to share how that experience works."

CGDC is a section of the larger ChinaJoy expo, which has been running for 13 years. Among the top three game expos across the globe, ChinaJoy is the number one game expo in Asia. In 2013, they expect to welcome 200,000 attendees.