Hitcents Moves into New Office Downtown

August 5, 2013

Hitcents employees and executives started their first day in the new Hitcents Park Plaza today. They moved everything over last Friday and were ready to get settled and start working this Monday morning. This move comes just after the Hitcents Shanghai office opened last week.

"We are really happy to finally be settling in our new home," said CEO Clinton Mills. "The new layout of the office allows for more collaboration between departments and a fun environment."

The 13,000 square foot location has beautiful views of downtown and balconies overlooking the Bowling Green Ballpark. Employees spent their lunch breaks enjoying the nice weather or battling it out on the Ping-Pong table in the Hitcents café.

"It's been a sort of reboot for everyone to get excited about the growth of the company and how we are working so well as a team," said Co-founder Ed Mills.

The Mills are also the developers for the commercial space in the building. The downtown wrap is still under construction in the lower levels, and tenants are expected to be moving in and filling up spaces in the next year.