Hitcents Launches Battlepillars for iOS and Android on October 3rd

October 3, 2013

Hitcents, Webby award-winning developers of Draw a Stickman: Epic, will launch Battlepillars on October 3rd for iOS and Android platforms. Battlepillars is a free-to-play real-time strategy game where players assemble and command caterpillars armed with everything from flamethrowers, to sticky honey, mines, and machine guns. Players gather apples throughout each level to upgrade to better battle segments and conquer the fierce bosses to gain victory!

"With Battlepillars, we are raising the standards for real-time strategy games on iOS with a focus on the 'free-to-win' philosophy. We took into consideration unfair advantage and created an experience all players can enjoy by removing the need of spending to succeed. No other game on the market combines fast paced real-time strategy and multiplayer in a way that appeals to both casual and serious gamers. With over 2 billion possible segment combinations, 42 segment upgrades, three base upgrades, three expendable allies, 28 Battlepillar skins and daily rewards; players have an incentive to play often!" said Clinton Mills, CEO of Hitcents.

Battlepillars features fifty levels, five themed worlds (garden, jungle, graveyard, junkyard and robots) and four ways to play. Game modes include: Campaign in which users conquer their way through the map and defeat 50 enemy bases, five big boss Battlepillars, and includes an optional Gold Challenge at the end of each level; Multiplayer which allows users to take their battles online and challenge their friends; Test Zone where users can experiment with new strategies and Endless Mode where users can play in a high-score arcade-style format.

Battlepillars gamers can also play to win big. Beginning Friday, October 11 at 12:00 a.m. CT, users can enter the Hardcore High-Score Challenge. This is the ultimate challenge for serious mobile gamers! First, players have to beat the Campaign mode to gain access to the Hardcore Endless mode where the contest will take place. In Endless mode gamers will battle an endless onslaught of enemy Battlepillars until you're defeated and receive your score.

"This competition has been designed for the ‘best of the best.' Beating Campaign mode and moving onto Endless mode will weed out those who aren't really serious about this competition. We are excited to see how competitive our fans will be and happy to reward their hard work and dedication to our game," said Mills.

The Hardcore High-Score Challenge closes on Thursday, October 31 at 12:00pm CT. The eight players that achieve the highest scores will win the contest. This highest scoring player will win a grand prize of $5,000. The remaining seven top scoring players will win cash prizes as follows; 2nd Place wins $2,000, 3rd Place wins $1,000, 4th Place wins $750, 5th Place wins $600, 6th Place wins $350, 7th Place wins $200 and 8th Place wins $100. Winners will be notified via email on Thursday, November 7. Hitcents will also announce the complete list of winners on their website, Facebook and additional media channels.

About Hitcents:

Founded in 1999 by twin brothers still in high school, Hitcents has grown from a small home office into a globally successful venture. Hitcents is an award-winning game developer and publisher specializing in cross-platform and innovative mobile apps and games. With an additional office in Shanghai, China, Hitcents is a powerhouse of creative ideas working with partners around the globe. Many of the ground-breaking solutions Hitcents offers are first forged in the fires of in-house projects like their internationally acclaimed series and five-time Webby Award winner, "Draw a Stickman: Epic". For more information, visit hitcents.com.