Draw a Stickman: Epic Launches on Steam

December 5, 2013

With much anticipation and excitement, Hitcents launched their award-winning mobile app Draw a Stickman: Epic on Steam today.

This is the first time Draw a Stickman: Epic will be available for purchase for PC users. It will be compatible with Windows 7 and XP, which opens the door for an entirely new market of players. Developers also added many exciting Steam features including 42 Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards and other Steam easter eggs. Additionally, for the first week only the game will be discounted at 40% off.

Senior App Developer, Jon Peppers, said, "We were really excited going through the Steam Greenlight process. We received enough votes from the Steam community to be approved to be on Steam which is a huge accomplishment."

Steam is a prominent gaming community and platform for PC users created by Valve. Steam boasts approximately 5.4 million users overall. Users can download games, post on community boards and create content to share with others.

Peppers continued, "Our team has created a game that not only has been successful on a mobile platform but also caters to serious gamers. The Steam users are different type of gamer, and we are very encouraged by the positive attention we’ve received since launch."

Draw a Stickman: Epic has been recognized with national and international awards since its launch in 2012. Translated in 12 different languages, Draw a Stickman: Epic appeals to fans across the world.