Draw A Stickman: Epic released in China by Hitcents and Talkweb

January 1, 2014

The first global creative doodle adventure and riddle game created by Hitcents, Draw a Stickman: Epic, will launch in China on Jan. 9, 2014 across 33 different app stores for Android. Talkweb, which has successfully published Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be the sole distributor.

Talkweb signed the cooperation agreement on Oct.18th, 2013 with Hitcents. Both sides concluded to boost the comprehensive and strategic cooperation for Chinese market. Both companies are working to redesign Draw a Stickman: Epic with elements specific to the location and culture. Draw A Stickman: Epic figures were featured in the Talkweb booth at the China Mobile Global Partners Conference recently.

Talkweb information display area

China Mobile vice-president Mr.Sha Yuejia visited Talkweb display area

As a mobile game, Draw a Stickman: Epic has been praised as a “masterpiece of doodle” and the American edition’s “Ma Liang the Magic Brush” by its fans. After the Draw a Stickman overseas versions released in 2012, this game not only had a very high download record, but also captured five Webby Awards in two years. Webby awards are comparable to Oscar awards of the Internet. Meanwhile, Draw a Stickman consistently ranked on the top of overseas countries’ free mobile game application stores.

Page views of Draw a Stickman

Transformed from the original, the new Chinese version has been adapted to reflect Chinese users’ hobbies. The elements and levels of the game are also redesigned. For example, the new function of “One Key to Share” created on this game, allows users to upload the images they create. Furthermore, the users can share their characters with other fans.

Before Draw a Stickman released to the market, the mobile game industry reviewed the game in detail and gave great comments. Many overseas users love the game. After it was released in the United States fans said: “this is a creative doodle adventure mobile game, which gives the users limitless space for imagination. This game gives opportunity to boost users’ originality and creativity. This interesting and smart game is suitable for people of all ages.”

The global App Stores’ ranking

The game rivals other kinds of current adventure, role-play and puzzle games. Draw a Stickman: Epic has an unparalleled sketch system unique to the game. For example, throughout the game users draw raindrops to nurture plants, and they draw an axe to cut down the door. The users personally experience the game while customizing elements in the game.

Example: basic image of stickman

The freehand sketch looks simple, but users appreciate the simplicity and personalization of sketching their own Stickman. Additionally, the game’s music also sounds very cool. The adventure game is full of fun and various types of background music

Draw a Stickman Chinese version conceptual picture

As the Chinese market sole distributor, Talkweb has a strong and well-recognized reputation overseas. They are a leader for mobile game publishing in China. Hitcents is acknowledged for their out-of-the-box creativity, and good reputation in the United States. Hitcents appreciates Talkweb’s comprehensive and practical operation ability for Chinese market. Hitcents is anxiously awaiting Draw a Stickman to set new records in the Chinese market!

Draw a Stickman China official blog: http://weibo.com/DrawAStickman