Get to the Orange Door Launches into Early Access!

June 6, 2019

The objective is in the title: Get to the Orange Door opens into Steam Early Access today!

The parkour-heavy, run-and-gun FPS 3D platformer, Get to the Orange Door is finally making it into Steam Early Access! You may have seen this neon-and-chrome gem recently featured on the front page of Reddit - that is until the dev got ye olde banhammer. He had the audacity to question a mod and the laws of the land. However, before all that, a redditor claimed that GTTOD “feels like Titanfall 2 and Superhot had a baby and then that baby was given nothing but retrofuturistic aesthetic juice for its entire lifespan" and we think that’s pretty spot on. If that sounds like your kind of game , shoot on over to the Steam store for Early Access which is available today. Here’s the latest trailer for your viewing pleasure:



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