Enter the Cyber-Noir World of Rendezvous

April 12, 2023

It's a minute before midnight of 1st June 2064
Somehow it's not rainy, but colds still find their way into my spine
Feels so far from home, though here they still speak the same
Finding you is a must, for you are the only one left from our past

Get ready to dive into the cyber-noir world of Rendezvous, the thrilling new sci-fi puzzle adventure available now on Steam! 
 Developed by Pendopo Creations and published by Hitcents,

Rendezvous takes you on a wild ride through gritty cities and dangerous criminal groups as you play as Setyo, a former crook turned security tech, on a mission to save his sister.

With stylized 2D pixel art and a dynamic 2.5D world, Rendezvous brings Setyo's story of love, grief, and redemption to life. Explore Neo-Surabaya and Bay City, uncover hidden objects, gather clues, and solve challenging puzzles to help Setyo on his quest. But beware, brutal enemies lurk around every corner, and you'll need to use all of Setyo's skills and cunning to take them down.

"Rendezvous is our love letter to family and the power of technology," says Puspa, CEO and Chairman of Pendopo Creations. "We hope Setyo's journey inspires gamers of all generations to cherish their loved ones."

Rendezvous is available now on Steam for Windows PC at $12.99. It supports English and Indonesian languages, so players from around the world can join in the action. Follow @PendopoStudio and @Hitcents on Twitter, @PendopoCreations on TikTok, and subscribe to Pendopo Creations' official YouTube to stay updated. Don't forget to wishlist Rendezvous on Steam and join the vibrant Discord community to connect with fellow players.