Draw a Stickman Epic is Released!

October 26, 2012

On October 26, Hitcents released Draw a Stickman Epic, a game for iOS and Windows 8.

Draw a Stickman Epic is a creative game where players begin by drawing a stickman. The stickman comes to life and players guide him through a fantastic world. Using an assortment of pencils, players draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Draw a Stickman Epic combines adventure, puzzle, action, and creative thinking.

Hitcents began the Draw a Stickman series in September of 2011, as an interactive website, drawastickman.com. Users were asked to draw a stickman. The stickman would come to life and ask the user to draw various items to aid in his adventure.

The website went viral and received nearly 1 million hits in just 24 hours. The website received over 50 million hits in 6 months. The website also won numerous awards including three Webby Awards.

Hitcents has previously released two small iOS stickman apps, Draw a Stickman Episode 1 and Draw a Stickman Episode 2. Apple ranked Draw a Stickman Episode 2 as the #1 family game, the #1 adventure game, and the #3 app overall.

"In Draw a Stickman Epic, we took the things that people loved about the first two apps and expanded the adventure into a full-length game," said Phil Williams, designer of Draw a Stickman. "It's no longer a simple, linear story. It's now an interactive environment where players have complete creative freedom."

Hitcents developed Draw a Stickman Epic with C#, using Xamarin products. This enables the game to run on multiple platforms.

Hitcents is also developing Draw a Stickman Epic for Android. Hitcents plans to release the Android version in a few weeks.