Don't Sink is Coming to Nintendo Switch Jan 3, 2019!

December 19, 2018

All hands on deck! Pixel perfect beauty Don’t Sink, a Sandbox-Adventure-Pirate-RPG, sets sail on the Nintendo Switch eShopTM Thursday, January 3rd, 2019.

This two-dimensional, 16-bit beauty created by Studio Eris stands out for it’s saucy humor and eye-catching color schemes. Explore a massive world of unique islands and landscapes while maintaining the health and morale of your crew. Stock up on plenty of cannonballs and grapeshot for exciting battles with other pirates, or settle for the less exciting alternative of fleeing. Discover new island chains and fight your way across the sea to unlock bigger and better vessels so you can haul bigger and better booty. On top of all this sweet pirate-on-pirate action, be sure to pay attention to the island locals—they may have useful hints, interesting lore, or plunder-filled quests for you. 


It’s a Bright World Out There
Explore a massive world of unique, vividly-colored handcrafted islands in a sea never sailed. Juicy hues paint the landscapes and create a truly beautiful setting for your swashbuckling adventure. Pick up plenty of quests that will have you waterlogged and wayfaring in no time. Staying seaworthy is no small task!
Take Over the Landlubbers
Sail from island to island, expanding your roguish dominion over the world and enhancing your reputation. Recruit locals and grow your pirate paradise into a bustling (and respectable!) haven. Feeling aspirational? Choose to conquer other islands and become their pirate governor. Rumors fly like grapeshot when you speak with various islanders, even allowing you to uncover the origins of each island.
Heave ho and Conquer the Seas
Expect the unexpected while at sea.  Not only are there OTHER pirates sailing these waters... but the threat of foodborne illness (gasp!) is ever-present as well. Stock the right supplies to keep your ship afloat and your crew happy until you reach fair shores. Tending to the morale, health, hunger, and thirst of your crew requires regular supply runs. Long journeys could force you to ration the rum. The horror! Experienced swashbucklers must prepare on dry land for the variety of challenges that await them in the briny deep. 

Other Features
•    Purchase larger ships as you fight your way through the sea. Famously powerful vessels such as The Galleon and Man of War are but a few of the available options. You’ll have to battle, plunder and explore to see them all!
•    Be a benevolent buccaneer or a malevolent marauder, you’ll unlock unique side quests and booty depending on your gameplay.
•    To pegleg or not to pegleg: that is pirate fashion. Choose from a variety of pirate accoutrement to personalize your pirate avatar.

Pricing & Availability
Don’t Sink will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop on January 3, 2019 for $9.99, and may also be purchased through Steam and Microsoft Store.

Review Keys
Nintendo Switch review keys are available for NA, EU & Australia via Woovit and Keymailer.

About Studio Eris 
The crew at Studio Eris consists of three talented pirates-at-arms: Sebastian Nigro is Lead Developer and captain of overall game design. Daniel Marques helms visuals, and assembled a perfect color palette for a variety of pixel-based tropical isles. The auditory maestro of the team, Christopher Anselmo, composed all music and sound effects.


If you have any questions about Don’t Sink, feel free to send queries via messenger pigeon. They’re much more accurate than the ol’ message-in-a-bottle technique. Or you can just Tweet us or join our crew on Discord - whatever floats your boat.