Follow the excruciating escape of an egg with human arms! Avoid enemies and overcome obstacles! Collect all the costumes! Watch out for the attic...Most importantly, don't crack! YOLKED follows the unforgiving and intense journey of an egg with human arms as it traverses through the house of a man who is trying to stop its escape. By climbing with its human arms, the egg must avoid all obstacles and enemies in order to find freedom! The egg can collect costumes, complete achievements, and uncover the story behind the creator of the egg. The game features fun yet unforgiving gameplay, beautiful colors, and soon a dynamic soundtrack.


  • Wall-climbing physics: Grip, grab, mantle, swing, & fling your fragile friend through stages as you traverse the environment. Common household items come to life with a mind of their own — often will ill-intentions. Cautiously plot your ascent up and out of the house or throw all caution to the wind, wind-up, & fling yourself with blind, reckless abandon for laughs!
  • Alternate routes for crazy collectibles: You may spot floating items from time-to-time, necessitating you to improvise on the fly and swing to some hard-to-reach places!
  • Get Back Into the Action: No punitive wait times if you fail! If you crack & burn, you'll immediately respawn at the last egg dish checkpoint you swung past. If you're not happy with how things are going you can even self-destruct with the press of a button — practice makes perfect!
  • Fiendishly Fun Vibes: Yolked features a cartoony, vibrant aesthetic and bouncing soundtrack with a dash of dynamic danger.




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