Sundown Refusal
Action Platformer  |  Teknikala

A great war once raged between the Sun and the Moon. Long battles were fought to claim the skies, pendulating between day and night as one God would gain power over the other. Until one day, the Sun prevailed, banishing the moon and locking the world in the glowing amber hues of an endless day. Plantlife began to overtake the land, quickly reclaiming the realms of men and forming colossal forests. Even the beasts were affected, Sun-sickness causing animals—and at times, even humans—to become frenzied and violent. Under the reign of an unending day, the world was tearing itself apart.

In this story-led action platformer play as the world’s final chance at salvation: the last Spirit of Darkness, created by the Moon to seek a way to restore balance to the celestial cycles. Traverse a dynamic, two-dimensional world populated by wildly overgrown forests and Sun-maddened beasts. Exploration is rewarded with currency, new powers, and lore. Run, jump, roll, and—in Spirit Form—fly to Explore levels smattered with secret paths, chests, and hidden powers. As players battle their way through crazed owls, enraged wolves, and momentous boss fights, they will steadily uncover a deep, myth-like tale that spans from the very beginning of time itself.


  • Story-led action platformer: exploration is heavily intertwined with story progression; players must scour every corner to uncover all of the lore, battling beasts along the way.
  • Wide array of moveability: run, jump and roll with the added bonus of using the shadowy Spirit Form to transform into a floating black orb that can get to those out-of-reach places.
  • Combat: use Spirit Form to battle Sun-maddened enemies, filling up the power meter with each hit. Players may use this power to heal themselves or unleash powerful attacks found throughout the world in classic Metroidvania style.
  • Dramatic tones and unique visuals: the color schemes evoke the mood for the gameplay, saturated with richly contrasting hues. Simple designs layer to create a stunning art style.
  • Crafted soundtrack: an interesting and whimsical sound design accompanies the game, driving home the ethereal feel of a land where Spirits walk and the Gods war.


Nintendo Switch Coming Soon
PC/Steam Coming Soon