LVL99: AxeRage
Action-Platformer  |  Master U.O.M.U.


"What would happen if all apocalypse scenarios occurred at the same time?"

LVL99: AxeRage is a mix of platform games from the SNES era, inspired by 80's movies, low budget Z films, and old-school anime.

The protagonist, Cheins, is a Renegade Firefighter who must face a global necromantic alien invasion. With brute force, some Selk’nam deity supernatural intervention, and a radioactive dog, players will free the earth from unrelenting waves of zombies, mutant monsters, and evil robotic aliens. For fans of multiplayer, AxeRage will offer a 2P Mode for intense couch co-op sessions.

Gameplay focuses on close combat, with a new spin on old-school platforming mainstays. Between the jumping, dashing, backflips, and exploration, AxeRage features a diverse array of moves like Axe Uppercuts, Slides, Dive Kicks, and Special Moves, ultimately combining the best from the Arcade / SNES / Genesis era.


  • 16-bits aesthetic reminiscent of 90's 2D games
  • Platforming combat with a huge array of attack moves to engage enemies
  • Chain combos to fill your RAGE meter, and unleash devastating special attacks
  • Exploration-based stages with save rooms, unlockable paths, upgrades and secrets
  • Intense soundtrack inspired by Retrowave music
  • Focused on classic gameplay, no gimmicks


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English, Spanish


English, Spanish